Are you ready learn the top 3 ways to create a work life balance?

  • Are you looking to create a balance between work and life?
  • Do you want to create boundaries between work and life.
  • Ready to learn 3 way to add some balance to your life?




On the first day of the challenge we'll take time to evaluate your current situation and identify your goals for creating balance in your life.


Day 2 will break down the three strategies for create balance between work and life. These three strategies are a game changer for couples who live and work together.


Day 3 is IMPLEMENTATION day! On day 3 we go over how to implement the strategies you learned in Day 2. This is the day we look the best way to incorporate these strategies in your life!

Who is hosting the challenge

A product of Atlanta, Terrio "T" Davis is the epitome of hard work and dedication. With over 16 years of experience managing multimillion-dollar Experiential Marketing programs for Fortune 500 brands. As a result, he was able to partner with Jae and establish T100 Consulting. As the Managing Partner of T100 Consulting, he has been able to consult Fortune 500 clients and brands to execute events nationwide which create memorable consumer experiences and build brand awareness. After dropping out of college and pursuing his dreams, T held numerous positions in corporate America, and as a police officer. He is a lover of sports, entertainment, and enjoys traveling to various countries with his wife (Jae) in his free time.

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Jameela "Jae" Davis Jae guides young professionals in building their own brand and creating financial independence. As a corporate advisor to Fortune 100-500 companies, Jae brings an innovative approach to the creation and execution of Experiential Marketing events nationwide. With over 12 years of industry experience, Jae has created resources and a platform committed to educating indIviduals on building their own brand and creating their own version of success. As a division one basketball player at Saint Louis University, Jae earned a degree in finance and worked in corporate america. She quickly learned how to pivot and create her own version of success. After meeting Terrio, they realized a need to create their own brands, and assist others in the process. Traveling to new countries, trying new restaurants, and watching sports is her happy place.

Our goal is to create a movement that changes people’s lives, energizing personal and business brands, one that uncovers the essence of what people are, believe in and strive for. Leading by example, T and Jae are the proof that anything is possible when one has the right mindset and the proper change-generating tools.

If you're tired of constantly feeling overworked and not having time to do the things you enjoy?